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Your destination is yours to chart. The experiences you have had, the jobs you have held, the natural talents you've discovered and developed, every book you've read, and every teacher you have set at the feet of (figuratively speaking)  has dropped a little something to move you closer to the your destination in life - now you just have to picture where you want the road to end...    Romana Kerns-Muhammad
Business-ownership is one of only two keys that will ensure a better standard of life at every stage and drastically improve the quality of life you are ablet to experience in the 'retirement' years.  The problem for many, however, is knowing what business to invest their talent, time and resources into. Sisters Mind Your Own Business Please! is a Teleseminar/Webinar designed to help women answer a single question - "What Business Should I Start?" This virtual workshop explores elements that help identify your entrepreneurial type (or E-type) and gain insights to what avenues of business ownership are best suited to you. Crafting the best opportunity for you helps build a stronger foundation for your business pursuits and ensures earlier success, which in turn stimulates motivation and a sense of fulfilling your  PURPOSE. To find out more and for a free gift, let's connect!

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As Salaamu Alaikum (Peace & Blessings),

THANK YOU Coach Romana for sharing your FLAWLESS presentation! I also want to APPLAUD you for being an example of one who is stepping in faith while encouraging and assisting other women on their “faith-based” journey into business. I pray that this encourages others such as myself to keep stepping in faith while pursuing our passion and goals! Extremely INSPIRATIONAL

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