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What makes our services unique?

Here at Imagine You!, unlike many other agency's or groups promoting entrepreneurship, we don't have a preplanned idea or activity that we ask you to get on-board with. Instead, we help you identify the skills, talents and abilities that you already have and then help find the right avenue to invest those in to create new streams of income for yourself.

Here at Imagine You! it really is all about you!

Entrepreneurial personality identification

While entrepreneurship offers many benefits and we at Imagine You! are fierce advocates of individuals adding some self-producing initiative to their repertoire of income sources, we will be the first to tell you that everything isn't right for you! That is why we offer unique skills identification services aimed at helping you identify the activities and industry best suited to your personality, skills, talents and abilities. This step helps ensure you a more sound start as an entrepreneur with greater enthusiasm and the potential to realize retained income earlier than others because you are involving yourself in activities that don't require the usual 'learning curb'. Inshaa'ALLAH, business ownership becomes a more rewarding experience earlier on.

Start up Coaching

After helping you identify where you best fit in the realm of entrepreneurship, Imagine You! will walk with you through the first steps to get you up and running. We know advocacy breeds confidence, so we are here for you. We are offer business paring and mentor services in addition to completing and filing paper work on your behalf if necessary. 

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