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Sisters Please Mind Your Own Business!

On-Going Workshops

Sisters Please Mind Your Own Business! is a one-day interactive workshop designed to help Muslimahs leverage past experiences and current skills, talents and resources into business ownership opportunities that will catapult them into productive rest-of-life, by ALLAH's guidance.  Through a series of hands-on exercises, participants will be coached into identifying their correct entrepreneurial type (E-Type) and strongest skill sets. Each participant will also receive valuable information on next steps in embracing business-ownership. Inshaa'ALLAH, each participant will leave with an action plan to follow up and ideas for generating income immediately! 

Workshop features lunch and a keynote in addition to the information packed presentation. Sessions are on-going and transient. Contact us today to reserve your space in an upcoming session.

Because learning should be fun, participants will have plenty of laughs, the chance to network and opportunities to win amazing door prizes throughout the day.

"Learn the one skill you can't afford to live without in this day and time - the Art of Entrepreneurship!"
What people are saying about our workshop!
"I found your class to be very beneficial.The quiz that you administered was very interesting and made me think about my areas of interest in terms of the type of business to start.I'm doing childcare and homeschooling my granddaughter but feel there is another business that I should be moving toward.In-Sha-Allah, I will review your packet of information and have dua for Allah to guide me.May Allah reward your good efforts and bless all your business ventures." - Your Sister in the Deen,Aneesah

As Salaamu Alaikum (Peace & Blessings),

THANK YOU Coach Romana for sharing your FLAWLESS presentation! I also want to APPLAUD you for being an example of one who is stepping in faith while encouraging and assisting other women on their “faith-based” journey into business. I pray that this encourages others such as myself to keep stepping in faith while pursuing our passion and goals! Extremely INSPIRATIONAL indeed!!!  Aliyah

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