Exclusive 5-Day Business Start Up Challenge w/ Imagine You! Consulting.

                    • Get MOTIVATED
                    • Discover Your Why
                    • Narrow Your Scope
                    • Focus
                    • Launch

Yes. I am ready to be in business and take on the 5-day challenge.

Now, more than ever at any point in modern history, it is crucial for you to identify, cultivate and develop your natural abilities and skills into income producing opportunities. With so many socioeconomic factors threatening every aspect of our individual way of life, owning and operating a business is not optional - its a must.

With that in mind, I want to challenge you to make that happen in just five days. Yes, I said FIVE days!  I want you to take a whirlwind journey with me in the form of Imagine You! Consulting's 5-Day Business Startup Challenge!

On the other side of this challenge is the guarantee that you will have embarked into a business ownership endeavor suited around your unique talent(s) and have learned a system that will help you launch additional successful ventures at your own pace moving forward.

Let me tell you how I know you will appreciate learning and mastering this system. Because as long as you ONLY have a
job all you'll every really be is just over broke and building on a foundation subject to being snatched from underneath you at any given moment. But learning how to turn abilities into income is KNOWLEDGE and knowledge is something no one can ever take from you. Knowledge (and faith and truth) are the only sure foundations in life.

In fact, knowledge, faith and truth are the very reason I am presenting this challenge to you. I have been gifted with the persuasion that ALLAH (God) created in every person a unique talent or ability that can be translated into entrepreneurship. My motivation is helping women identify and then cultivate their unique traits to craft and launch income producing endeavors specifically tailored to these  gifts. My goal is to help 500 women do this over the next one and half years . I have a targeted focus on reaching sisters in my faith community (Muslimahs), but a passion to help all women.  Are you one? 

If you think you are up to the challenge, or if you are just curious as to whether or not there is a system that really works, STEP UP and reserve your spot today!
Get (and Stay) #MOTIVATED

Yes. I am ready to be in business and take on the 5-day challenge.